Authentic MAnhood

Authentic Manhood takes purposeful pursuit and effort.

We are here to help men become that man God intended them to be; leading us to live a life of truth, passion, and purpose.

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What can Fathers in the Field do for YOU and YOUR child?

Fathers in the Field will be a tremendous help for single moms who may be struggling and/or looking for support in raising a child without the help of a father.  

We know that Fathers in the Field changes the lives of fatherless boys - we've seen it!  What we do is provide a child with a male mentor and role model.

We partner in helping them grow into manhood, as well as relationally address their need for a dad. 

Look at the video to the left!  Read the several testimonials indicating the impact and benefits of FitF participation on a boy’s life can be found on the national website at