October 19 //  9am - 4pm

IF:Lead was created to equip women in using their influence for God’s glory (and why it matters). We’ll equip. You lead.

If you’re thinking, “Is that for me?” Let us remind you: You are a leader. You have influence in your places and while you sacrifice daily to humbly show others Jesus, we want to pour back into you. 

Join with women from all across Montana for this leadership intensive filled with worship and Biblical truth to ground us all back on mission and remind us we’re not alone.


IF : tables

Gather women around your table once a month creating a space for them to feel known and providing a environment for conversation about following God and giving Him away.


Learn More about Hosting an IF:Table

IF : Gathering

Join us for our LOCAL viewing of IF:Gathering 2020

IF:Gathering 2020 we are going to focus completely and entirely on the person of Jesus. That's it. This is our hope.The world is spinning like crazy and for two days we are going to come together and shut off the noise.

Coming APRIL 2020