Sunday, July 11th

 // Serve Day Rally July 10 @ 7pm | New City Church  //

  • Calvary chapel

    Project 1   |   Construction

    Building a Firewall

    Fixing hole in floor

    Installation of toliets

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    Project 2   |   Construction

    Lowering stage structure

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  • sacajawea school

    Project 1  |  Teachers Lounge

    Redecorating, cleaning, etc.

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    Project 2  |  Courtyard

    Landscaping clean up & repainting basketball hoops

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  • children's museum

    Painting a mural on wall at Children's Museum of Montana.

    -  Artist will design.  Volunteers will fill in with paint (think paint by numbers)

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  • child bridge

    Wash & Detail vehicles for social workers assisting Child Bridge families.

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  • City parks & rec

    Spreading wood chips at playgrounds and general park garbage clean up.

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  • downtown improvement

    Painting tops of downtown trash receptacles.

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  • echoz

    Facility Cleaning, Painting, & some light construction/repair.

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  • indian health clinic

    Yard mowing, clean up, flower planting, and light maintenance work.

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  • Peace Place

    Revamping and organizing the sensory room for special needs family respite care.


  • toby's house

    Organizing and Facility cleaning.

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  • Letter writing

    Writing letters and notes of encouragement to students and staff @ Christ's Gift Academy in Kenya.

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