A Five-Week Communal Bible Reading Experience Through

1 Thessalonians

Throughout this current series, The Word Works in Us, we’ll explore how the word of God or the gospel is a divine agent at work in us as a church to transform us by making us holy and inviting us to partner with God on his mission for the redemption of the world. Throughout 1 Thessalonians, Paul uses “message/word” (logos) synonymously with “gospel/good news” (euangelion). Paul believed that this divine powerful message was operative through reshaping the identity of each person in the congregation of the church in Thessalonica. The word of God, the Bible, still has the same power to transform us as individuals and as a church if we create space for the word to work in us.  

For the word to work in us, we need to read the word together. In conjunction with this series, Harvest Springs encourages people to form Bible Reading Groups to allow the word of God to work in us as a church. Bible Reading Groups should consist of at least two people, preferably 3 to 10 people. Bible Reading Groups will read out loud the letter of 1 Thessalonians and should commit to meeting for five consecutive weeks. Bible Reading Groups commit to communal Bible reading (not studying) groups. We are gathering to read and hear the text of the first letter Paul wrote two thousand years ago to the church in Thessalonica.

For more information on starting a Bible Reading Group, click here for the Bible Reading Group guide.


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The purpose of this survey is help Harvest Springs gather information about the spiritual health of the congregation. The focus seeks to gather data regarding Bible engagement at Harvest Springs through the five week discipleship intiative of reading 1 Thessalonians out loud within a Bible Reading Group or a Small Group. Please take few minutes to respond to these questions.


Pastor Michael will use these surveys for the Doctorate of Ministry thesis on communal Bible reading. Your response is confidential.