Women of Harvest

We all want to be more like Jesus. One of the biggest questions a believer has to answer for herself is "What are practical ways I can become more like Jesus?" When we look at the way Jesus lived His life, something that seems to have been really important to Him was people and community. Jesus chose to spend a majority of His ministry life with twelve people who followed Him everywhere; they lived their lives in close community. Our ministry to women at Harvest Springs wants to offer you an opportunity to cultivate community in your life. That's why each quarter here at Harvest Springs we are hosting a Cultivate Community event. Cultivate Community is an event designed to do exactly what it says--to cultivate a space for you to get to know other women in the community of Harvest Springs, in a welcoming, cozy setting. We meet each quarter on a Saturday for brunch. Sometimes there will be conversation questions to get you talking, a speaker to get you thinking, music to get you worshiping, and you can always count on good food as well. Join us in just a few weeks on Saturday, February 4th for a Valentine's themed Cultivate Community brunch. We hope to see you there!

Womens Valentine's Brunch

Join us on Saturday, February 4th at 10am for a brunch celebrating our identity in Christ and His banner of love over us. We will have a time of fellowship, yummy food, an inspiring speaker and a short time of worship. Our goal is to cultivate community as Women of Harvest one brunch at a time.

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